Foreword : At this stage, the suture work of the noodle bag mainly relies on the manual method of placing the noodle bag on the equipment for stitching. Manual labor is intensive and inefficient. In this case, the fully automatic feeding double-stitch integrated machine appears in front of the majority of users.

1. Control requirements

The PLC is now required to control three frequency converters, two servo controllers, and multiple relays to realize the coordinated action of the equipment.

2. Hardware configuration

PLC: T48S2TTransistor output PLC

The controller selects IkonDrives T48S2T, the host is powered by 220V AC externally, with 28 DI and 20 DO transistor outputs; it comes with two communication ports (RS232+RS485), two 200K high-speed pulse inputs, and two 200K high-speed pulse outputs.

The system needs to have 3 frequency converters to feed the running speed, so as to avoid too fast speed and bad sewing quality. The T48S2T host has its own RS485 port, which can be used as the master station to realize high-speed communication with 3 inverters, and issue running and speed commands to the inverters. It saves a certain cost compared with the extension with analog quantity. Use the built-in RS232 port to communicate with the touch screen of the system to realize the setting of the control process. Two high-speed inputs are connected to the encoder to measure the running speed of the device. Two high-speed pulse outputs are connected with the servo controller to control the action requirements of feeding and feeding of the system. Therefore, selecting a host of T48S2T can easily achieve the above functional requirements, without the need to purchase extra expansion units. There is no need to increase unnecessary costs, which saves the cost of use for customers.

The application of Haiwell PLC in the sewing machine of dough bag

3. Program part

IkonDrives PLC communication program is simple, no matter which communication protocol you use, you only need one communication command to complete complex communication functions.

In this example, the baud rate of the inverter is 9600, and the data format is N, 8, 2. The following is an example program for writing the frequency communication of the inverter.

The application of Haiwell PLC in the sewing machine of dough bag

The high-speed pulse input in this case reads the running distance and speed of the encoder.

The application of Haiwell PLC in the sewing machine of dough bag

The high-speed pulse output in this case controls the running distance and speed of the servo controller.

The application of Haiwell PLC in the sewing machine of dough bag

Forward and reverse control is the same programming principle as this.

4. Summary

Haiwell PLC is a high-quality product made in China. After a long time of use and operation, its stability is very high, and the calculation processing speed is fast. It has well completed various complex action requirements of the equipment and has been highly recognized by users. The reliability of the equipment action reduces the labor intensity of factory workers a lot. Highly praised by workers.