The application of domestic PLC – IKON Drive PLC in turbine control of Pakistan power station

2017-08-31 09:01:22Xiamen IKON Drive Technology Co., Ltd. read

      Pakistan, known as the “Pakistan Railway”, has a long-term, all-weather and multi-faceted friendly relationship with my country. Since the early 1950s, it has established trade relations with my country and carried out trade business, and China-Pakistan scientific and technological cooperation has continued to deepen.

The “Belt and Road” and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor cooperation projects will not only directly affect and improve the lives of the Pakistani people, but will also drive Pakistan’s economic development in an all-round way. However, with the continuous and rapid economic growth and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the problem of insufficient power supply in Pakistan has become increasingly prominent, and the serious power shortage has restricted the development of the local economy. In order to provide a good energy foundation for local economic development and change the current situation of power shortage, Pakistan has taken a series of measures to increase investment in the power industry. Not only will China build 14 power plants in Pakistan, but local companies are also working hard.

Pakistan Power Facilities

IKON Drive Technology has been focusing on the R&D and production of industrial products, and is committed to providing convenient and efficient products and services for industrial development. IKON Drive PLC has become the preferred choice for many control projects because of its powerful communication functions, convenient programming methods, and its high cost performance. A local power station in Pakistan resolutely chose IKON Drive PLC for turbine control. Its rich network communication functions, powerful networking capabilities, and stable operation performance help the entire project to operate perfectly, which also strengthens the Pakistan Railway’s trust in IKON Drive products.

Application of Haiwell PLC in Turbine Control of Pakistan Power Station

The “Belt and Road” closely links countries along the route, and everyone actively builds a community of interests for peaceful development. This is an amazing initiative that has caught the world’s attention! IKON Drive Technology also actively responded to the call, and we will work harder to contribute to the development of countries along the “Belt and Road”!