ZVF600 Pump Inverter


ZVF600 series pump control inverter is the company’s own research and development of  high degree  protection pump inverter, the shell is dustproof and  splash water, can be installed different brand water pump motor junction box. Adapt to a variety of sensor signals, simple operation, high reliability, low noise, can be individually controlled a pump and  can also be more on-line operation.


1. high protection IP54 , all-round anti-corrosion anti-splash water.

2. High performance V / F and vector control

3.Pump special design, water shortage protection, water coming start automatically.

4.Single pump constant pressure, main and auxiliary pump single-line networking, automatic control.

5. Antifreeze, rust-proof function,  more humane protection for protecting pump.

6.One-button pressure setting, quick parameter view.

7.Dedicated pump function and fault protection function.

8.Professional heat-resistant design, small power, without fan can be more reliable.

9. Directly installed on the motor, no need for the cabinet, simple and convenient to operate.

Demonstration of the model


Application Range

Constant pump,fire fighting apparatus, Environmental protection equipment, Environmental Engineering, water treatment equipment and etc.

Master-slave pump control (2-wire 4-20mA sensor)


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