Pump Control Panel

ZBHG series pump control panel is the company development of a new generation of energy-saving water supply products.

Its core is the AC frequency inverter technology and the microcomputer control technology. Use closed-loop control system. The control panel can automatically adjust the pump speed and the number of units running, so that the pressure of the water supply network to maintain the required pressure and flow, so as to improve the quality of water supply and high efficient energy saving purposes. The control cabinet can replace the high water-level tank, water tower and other facilities and valve adjustment and other measures . to improve the automation of water supply and drinking water quality, to prevent secondary pollution, is an ideal modern pump products.

Demonstration of the Model

Product Characteristics 

  • 3  units main pumps + one unit small pump, Multi-speed control mode can be selected .
  • Flexible increase 、decrease pump control logic.
  • Flexible sleep pump control function.
  • Regular rotation control, can effectively prevent the rust of the pump.
  • Up to 8 periods of pressure control, and each period.
  • Can be set to any arbitrary pressure setting control and realize time switch function.
  • Pipe network pressure monitoring, alarm; pump grounding, loss phase and so on perfect protection.


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