Power Resistor Box

Product features

The BRU series of products are resistor boxes that are assembled with wire wound resistors and are applicable for power-consuming circuits of inverter for braking equipment with large rated power and current ,testing equipment ,elevator and crane .its operating voltage is 500V DC and rated power ranges from 1KW to 10KW.


Technical Indications

  1. Power Range:2.4W-20KW
  2. Operating Voltage Range:<800V
  3. Resistance Range:1R-1KR
  4. Electric strength: AC 3KV 50HZ 5S
  5. IP Grade:IP20/IP23
  6. Vibration:0.5g
  7. Range of temperature excursion: <400ppm/℃
  8. Material of the current carrier: 0Cr25AL5.
  9. Advantages: relatively bad working environment.