PLC switch module

PLC switch DI/DO expansion module

● According to the number of points, it can be divided into 8 points, 16 points, 24 points, 36 points, 40 points and 64 points switch expansion modules;

● The switch modules above 8 o’clock all have 485 communication ports, which support stand-alone use and can be used as remote IO;

● 8 points, 16 points switch module 24VDC power supply, 16 points above the switch module 24VDC or 220VAC power supply optional;

● The switch module with 24VDC power supply has no DC24V power output;

● 220VAC power supply switch module, in addition to pure output, other modules (such as DI, XD) have 24VDC power output;

● It can be used as a switch expansion module for any host;

● The module has Ethernet and RS485 communication ports and can be installed in a distributed manner as a remote IO unit.