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IoT Cloud Box CBOX

    • Haiwell Haiwell Industrial IoT Cloud Box Cloud Box

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    CBOX = IoT gateway + DTU + HMI (mobile phone as local screen)

    ●   Integrate IoT gateway + DTU + HMI multi-function, saving cost and installation space. Small box, big use, more cost-effective.


    ● Third-party software and platforms can easily and safely obtain device data and control devices through the built-in Web API function using HTTP protocol, support real-time data push, support PHP, Java, C#, C++ and other languages, and Support both Internet and LAN calls

    ● IKON DRIVES  innovatively opened the integration function of device configuration screen to third parties. Through a safe and easy-to-use interface, the device screen can be integrated into various personalized scenarios such as third-party software, websites, APPs, and small programs. , allowing third-party applications to immediately have remote control capabilities of the device

    ● Support access to third-party IoT platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Google, etc.

    ● Programming management software: IKON DRIVES Cloud SCADA cloud configuration

    ●   Integrated HMI function. There is no need for secondary development of remote control interface, all projects are developed once, what you see is what you get.

    ●   The display screen can be directly monitored by the mobile terminal/PC terminal instead of the HMI screen, saving the cost of the HMI screen, and the mobile terminal is flexible and convenient.

    ●   Support MQTT protocol. It can be connected to systems such as database server/ERP/MES. Active data collection and reporting, support millions of terminal concurrent networks, easily surpass and replace DTU.

    Model list

    model storage LAN USB COM WIFI wireless network Product Size
    CBOX 4G + 512M 2 2 2 have
    • Haiwell Cloud Box


    CBOX-G 4G + 512M 2 2 2 have 4G/3G/2G
    CBOX-E 4G + 512M 2 2 2 have 4G/3G/2G abroad

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    Features of IoT Cloud Box CBOX:

    ●   High-performance memory, small size, multi-function, high cost performance
    ●   Built-in IKON DRIVES cloud engine, integrated IKON DRIVES cloud service, support cloud/mobile terminal access control
    ●   Integrated HMI function, which can be directly monitored through mobile terminal/PC terminal instead of HMI screen Display screen, flexible and convenient control
    Support   A/B Key security mechanism, multi-unit network, database, multi-screen interaction, cloud camera remote monitoring and other functions Support IKON DRIVES Could SCADA cloud configuration software
    Ethernet   /WIFI/4G (Full Netcom) Connect to IKON DRIVES , remote real-time viewing and monitoring equipment
    Two   Ethernet interfaces, support star, tree, and bus Ethernet networking methods

    ●  Support MQTT protocol, support access to database server, easily realize data collection and reporting, and connect to ERP/MES and other systems.

    ● Support edge computing. Edge computing is realized through the built-in script engine, function operation, and interaction with device data in the terminal

    ●  Support a variety of third-party protocols. Built-in a variety of industrial equipment drivers, support current mainstream PLC, inverter, instrument

    ● Support cloud transparent transmission. Remote programming, uploading and downloading, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs, to detect on-site abnormal conditions at any time