Industrial touch one machine

Haiwell Industrial Touch One Machine

*   Lower power consumption, better experience

*   High-strength aerospace aluminum panel, wire-drawing and oxidation treatment The casing is made of aluminum alloy wire-drawing, and the back cover is formed by die-casting with gold baking paint, high-end atmosphere

*   High-quality stainless steel metal switch button design front panel, up to hundreds of thousands of mechanical life

*   Built-in Haiwell Cloud SCADA cloud configuration software

*   IP65 grade dustproof and waterproof front panel, easily adapt to complex and changeable industrial environment

*   Original resistive touch screen, dust and oil proof, sensitive touch, precise positioning and touch

*It is   flexibly applied to the upper computer control of industrial automation, intelligent equipment, industrial control, human-machine interface, etc.

*   Support embedded panel type, VESA standard cantilever type, wall-mounted and other installation methods

*   Support MQTT protocol, support access to database server, easily realize data collection and reporting, and dock with ERP/MES and other systems.