Haiwell Cloud Platform

Haiwell Cloud is a cross-platform industrial IoT cloud platform that supports PC, iPad, Android, and iOS multi-platform terminals. Users can remotely access machines and equipment thousands of miles away on site from anywhere to realize remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI, PLC, remote programming, firmware upgrades, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging, etc. Haiwell Cloud provides a secure communication mechanism and uses a 128-bit SSL encryption mechanism to ensure a stable data transmission process. It also sets up A-Key and B-Key protection mechanisms on the device side to ensure the security and reliability of remote access devices.

To put it simply, Haiwell Cloud is a complete set of cloud service solutions for the automation industry. It covers Haiwell Cloud website, cloud configuration, cloud HMI and cloud APP series products. Haiwell Cloud aims to provide more solutions for industrial users. A safe and convenient overall integrated solution. All Haiwell PLC and Ethernet Cloud series HMI can be easily controlled anytime and anywhere through Haiwell Cloud.