H series-high-performance PLC host

H series high-performance PLC host

● A total of 60 models, the host points 16 points, 24 points, 32 points, 40 points, 60 points are optional;

● The platform is updated, adopting ARM+FPGA architecture, and the running speed is increased by more than 10 times;

● Single machine supports 8 points (4 channels of 200KHZ high-speed pulse input), 8 points (4 channels of 200KHZ high-speed pulse output);

● Support linear interpolation, circular interpolation, follow-up pulse output, absolute address, relative address, backlash compensation, electrical origin redefinition, etc.

● Comes with 2 communication ports (RS232+RS485), 3 communication ports can be expanded, 5 communication ports are programmable and networked communication;

● Use detachable terminals and add rechargeable batteries to save the real-time clock;

● The program capacity is 48K;

● Up to 7 modules can be expanded;

● External power supply 220VAC or 24VDC optional;

● Support Ethernet plus 5 RS232/RS485 communication ports to work at the same time, and can form N:N network.