Constant Pressure Pump Controller ZHG-9603

ZHG-9603 Series constant pressure pump controller is specialized for constant pressure water supply pump variable frequency controller. The constant pressure water supply controller can make the water supply system run steadily and reliably, and realize a true automatic cycle pump and variable frequency operation. to ensure the optimal running efficiency of each water pump and the stable operation of the equipment start smoothly. Eliminates high-current shocks and lowers the pump’s average speed, extending pump life and eliminating water hammer during start-up and shutdown.

1. Include 3 units main pumps & one unit small pump, it has multiple controlling mode and meets all kinds of complex requests of  pump.

2. Timing change pump function, balance all kinds of  pumps’ working time . improve the average life of the pumps.

3. Up to 8 periods pressure control, and each period can be set any pressure setting control .and realize the timer ON/OFF function .

4.Sleep function and auxiliary small pump function, save energy and reduce consumption , extend machine’s life.

5. Positive and negative feedback function , can be used for water supply, but also can be used to pump water and  maintain the water level.

6.Over-pressure, low water level, sensor disconnection, inverter failure and  alarm control functions ect.

7.Feedback can connect with  passive remote pressure gauge, active voltage and current transmitter.

8. Feedback device power 0-24V can be modified, stronger commonality.

9. Feedback signals can be selected .it  is more convenient to connect with outer .

10. Standard 0-10V voltage output, can also be arbitrarily modified to other voltage values, the application will be  more flexible.

11.when the inverter get failure,The controller can choose the automatic transfer to the working frequency running  (pressure range control)

12 .Relay fault output function can be selected.

13. Strong adaptable, applicable to various brands frequency  inverter at home and abroad.

14.All digital signal use photoelectric isolation, strong interference ability .

15.With complete key function.

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