Cloud Box

Features of IoT Cloud Box:

●   High-performance memory, small size, multi-function, high cost performance
●   Built-in Haiwell cloud engine, integrated Haiwell cloud service, support cloud/mobile terminal access control
●   Integrated HMI function, can directly monitor through mobile terminal/PC terminal instead of HMI screen Display screen, operation is flexible and convenient
●   Support A/B Key security mechanism, multi-unit network, database, multi-screen interaction, cloud camera remote monitoring and other functions
●   Support Haiwell Could SCADA cloud configuration software
●   via Ethernet/WIFI/4G (Full Netcom) Connect to the sea for cloud, remote real-time viewing and monitoring equipment
●   Two Ethernet interfaces, supporting star, tree, and bus Ethernet networking modes

●  Support MQTT protocol, support access to database server, easily realize data collection and reporting, and dock with ERP/MES and other systems.

● Support edge computing. Realize edge computing through built-in script engine, function calculation, and interaction with device data

●  Support multiple third-party agreements. Built-in a variety of industrial equipment drivers, support the current mainstream PLC, frequency converter, instrument

● Support cloud transparent transmission. Remote programming, uploading and downloading, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs, and detect abnormal conditions on site at any time