A series card type PLC host

A series of card type PLC product features

●  HaiwellHappy programming software is used, seamless operation

●  Exquisite appearance, ultra-thin design, user-friendly peripheral port design, saving installation space

●  Single machine integrated switch and analog, small size, large application

●  Support Haiwell Cloud platform, which can remotely program and monitor PLC through Haiwell Cloud, and detect abnormal conditions on site at any time

●  Single machine can expand 15 modules at most, and expand I/O to 256 points at most

●  Support Ethernet + RS485 communication port to work at the same time, powerful communication networking capability

●  Support 4 channels A/B phase (8 points) 200KHz high-speed pulse input and output

●  Support linear interpolation, circular interpolation, origin return, backlash compensation, electrical origin definition