IoT terminal products

IKON Industrial IoT Terminal Products

IKON IoT terminal products cloud HMI , cloud box, cloud box , industrial touch all-in-one IPC , cloud configuration SCADA , etc.

It can be connected to IKON cloud platform and supports MQTT protocol, which can help users to achieve device cloud management, remote data collection and maintenance, remote real-time monitoring and alarming, etc.

Make full use of the functions of the Internet of Things, and integrate the front-line data into the management of the enterprise business operation system ERP and manufacturing implementation system MES,

Help enterprises realize the Industrial Internet of Things.


Haiwell Industrial IoT Terminal Products

Haiwell Industrial IoT Cloud Box

IKON Industrial IoT Solution – Smart Factory Architecture


This network mode can be widely used in

Smart charging piles, smart agriculture, smart factories, smart photovoltaics, smart farming, smart firefighting, etc…

Haiwell Industrial IoT Solution Application Scenarios

Haiwell Industrial IoT Solution - Smart Factory Architecture


       The picture on the Internet shows the equipment distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, New York and other parts of the world. Through the IKON cloud platform, remote mobile APP and computer cloud website monitoring can be easily realized, and remote control of PLC, HMI, CBOX, and IPC projects can be realized. Download remotely. The device supports the cloud alarm function. If there is an alarm message on the field device, the alarm push information can be received at the first time on the mobile phone APP or the web page; it supports the cloud map, and the location of the device is distributed at a glance.

       The Industrial Internet of Things focuses on the integration of remote data to achieve unified monitoring and management. All IKON cloud devices support the MQTT protocol, which is transmitted to the MQTT server through the Internet. The remote central database stores the sent data for ERP and MES system calls.

       Industrial IoT values ​​centralized monitoring and display. IKON cloud cameras can easily realize video remote monitoring; the large-screen controller TVBox can realize single-screen, multi-screen integrated display, and then through the IKON cloud platform, the equipment images and video monitoring of various places can be displayed on the large screen, realizing Large-screen electronic billboard function.

       The Industrial Internet of Things focuses on remote centralized control of equipment. Cloud devices such as IKON HMI/cloud box/IPC can realize data interaction of remote devices through MQTT server, and can also realize centralized control of remote devices through IKON cloud configuration software. At the same time, through IKON data visualization system, you can also Easily generate various data reports to facilitate enterprises to optimize production processes, improve production efficiency and save production costs.

       The company’s products are committed to providing industrial IoT solutions such as smart factories, smart agriculture, smart photovoltaics, smart farming, smart fire protection, and smart charging piles.