IKON online monitoring data solution for oil and gas recovery

The IKON cloud HMI solution, relying on the IKON cloud platform, can collect and upload the operation data of the gas station, and realize the remote monitoring and unattended operation of the oil and gas recovery device.

Wireless communication solution for IKON treadmill printing machine

Easily realize direct communication between devices, and successfully replace the original DTU device communication method. Reduce equipment costs and communication time and improve work efficiency.

IKON HMI PLC APP automatic layout machine solution

Through IKON HMI remote and PLC technology, the fully automatic swinging machine can effectively reduce the harm of chemical residues to the human body, reduce labor costs, and improve equipment output efficiency.

Application of IKON HMI PLC APP in Malaysia Mooncake Packaging Machine

Through IKON IoT Cloud HMI, users can monitor the running status of the mooncake packaging machine in real time on mobile terminals such as computers and mobile phones, and view historical data, alarm information and original control equipment.

IKON PLC HMI APP Microwave Disinfection Remote Monitoring Solution

By combining traditional microwave disinfection equipment with IKON IoT cloud HMI, the operating status and data of the equipment can be observed more intuitively, realizing full automation of the equipment.

IKON’s  unattended intelligent car washing machine IoT solution

Smart car wash is convenient for residents’ life. The mobile payment function of IKON IoT terminal can be connected to Alipay and WeChat payment systems. Quickly complete the configuration of the payment system, easy to operate and widely used in various charging systems.


IKON Smart Public Toilet IoT Solution

IKON Cloud Smart Toilet combines the technologies of Internet of Things, network transmission, remote control, etc., so that the traditional toilet has the ability of real-time perception, accurate judgment and precise execution, and realizes the refined management of urban toilets.