This document scheme mainly introduces the wireless communication solution of treadmill printing machine. In the past, in order to realize wireless communication between multiple PLCs or touch screens, most of them adopted the method of wireless DTU. However, through DTU communication, a device communication forwarding must be performed first, which greatly increases the communication time. In this case, IkonDrives touch screen and WIFI model touch screen can be used directly, which can easily realize direct communication between devices and successfully replace the original DTU device communication method, thereby reducing equipment costs and communication time and improving work efficiency. At the same time, Haiwell HMI supports remote mobile APP and web page access, which can easily check the operation status and output of the equipment, support WeChat alarm, detect equipment abnormalities in time, and support the remote upload and download of HMI and PLC programs, which is convenient for engineers to maintain remote equipment.

1. Action logic analysis of IkonDrives treadmill printing machine

The treadmill printing machine consists of a printing car, a transfer car, and multiple sets of guide rails.

The printing trolley runs close to the guide rail on the guide rail, and the trolley performs the printing operation according to the limit switch. When the trolley completes the scraping and printing on the current guide rail, it sends a transfer signal to the transfer car. After the transfer car reaches the designated position, the transfer car will be transferred. Send a forward command to the car. After waiting for the trolley to move to the transfer car, the transfer car starts to move the trolley to the next guide rail platform, and sends a forward scratching signal to the trolley after reaching the next guide rail platform.

Because the length of the guide rail platform is not fixed, the printing trolley and the transfer car can only use the wireless communication mode. The original solution is that the PLC on the car or the transfer car sends the signal to the wireless module through communication, and the wireless module sends the signal to the wireless module. Giving the wireless module to the trolley or the transfer car and then to the PLC on the trolley or the transfer car will sometimes cause communication interruption or busy communication, resulting in the car or the transfer car not moving or the action being delayed.


Treadmill printing machine

Based on the above problems, IkonDrives provides customers with wireless TCP communication through WIFI with a WIFI touch screen to delete the use of wireless modules, reducing the problem of multiple forwarding of communication information, and direct wireless communication between touch screens is more convenient for maintenance.

Second, IkonDrives touch screen short-range wireless communication analysis

The short-range wireless communication of IkonDrives touch screen can be realized through the touch screen with WIFI model. During the Ethernet communication of IkonDrives  touch screen, it can be the master and slave station at the same time, so it only needs to put the touch screen devices that need communication into the same local area network and establish WIFI wireless MODBUS TCP communication. The following will briefly introduce the software operation steps of IkonDrives HMI as an Ethernet slave:

1. Slave establishment: Open the touch screen project, click the device in the project browser on the left, press F12 to see the slave settings, click the device again to see the slave device selection, select the slave device and right-click to add MODBUS slave (TCP).


Slave build

2. The slave station address variable is established, and the lower-end device variable that supports the reading of the touch screen can be directly forwarded as the slave station address, and when it is used as a Modbus slave station, the slave station address can be customized by itself, so that the slave station Modbus address has been planned for some large systems. , it is more convenient to apply.


Slave address variable establishment

3. Establish a master touch screen device that reads the slave device


Create a master device

4. Establish read slave variable address


Create a slave device to read variables

When the touch screen of the master station and the touch screen of the slave station are connected to the same local area network, they can communicate successfully, and the coverage can be extended through the bridging method of the AP router.

3. Project screenshots and running videos

1. Trolley


Printing trolley monitoring interface


Printing trolley PLC variable forwarding slave address setting

2. Transfer car


Transfer car monitoring interface


Transfer car PLC variable forwarding slave address setting

3. Equipment running video


4. Remote monitoring of IkonDrives sports car printing machine

IkonDrives IoT Cloud HMI = ordinary HMI + IoT gateway + DTU, three functions in one. The sports car printing machine uses the Haiwell C7S-W touch screen, which supports the Internet through the local area network WIFI. As long as you connect to the network in the original local area network, you can perform remote monitoring and remote update of the touch screen project and PLC project, which is convenient for remote debugging and makes the technology ” Staying at home”, the decisive victory is thousands of miles away. The built-in MQTT protocol provides software and hardware support for centralized monitoring of subsequent data, connection to database or factory MES system.


Remote access to cart screen