With the continuous development of microwave technology, microwave sterilization is widely used in the food industry. Microwave sterilization is a disinfection method that generates heat by irradiating microwaves to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. The principle is that under the action of a certain intensity of microwave field, insects and bacteria in food will absorb microwave energy due to molecular polarization phenomenon , so as to denature its protein, lose its biological activity, and play a role in rapid heating and sterilization.

In order to meet the needs of on-site management informatization, the traditional microwave disinfection equipment is combined with IkonDrives  IoT Cloud HMI, so that the operating status and data of the equipment can be observed more intuitively, thereby realizing the fully automated work of the equipment. A microwave disinfection equipment is used on site to configure a IkonDrives  IoT cloud HMI and a IkonDrives PLC. The specific solution is to connect the temperature sensor to the PLC through RS485, and the PLC communicates with the IkonDrives IoT cloud HMI through the RS232 serial port. You can remotely monitor the working status, parameters, power, fan start and stop of microwave disinfection equipment through IkonDrives Cloud APP and cloud website. By configuring the cloud alarm on the configuration software, the remote cloud APP alarm, WeChat alarm, and SMS alarm functions are realized, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the field equipment.

Microwave disinfection field equipment video

1. Selection and configuration

1. IkonDrives Cloud Lianyun HMI: C7S-W, 7-inch touch screen with 800*480 resolution, A8 CPU, 4G Flash, 512M RAM. support:

* Program download via Ethernet/IkonDrives Cloud/U disk/SD card;

* Intelligent management, support cloud/mobile terminal access control, strong operability;

* Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, multi-language automatic translation, project overview interface;

* Integrated IkonDrives Cloud cloud service, built-in IkonDrives cloud engine;

* Mobile APP alarm information push. If the APP is not opened, the system will send an alarm message to the owner and administrator’s mobile phone in the form of SMS.

2. IkonDrives PLC: S16M0R

* S series analog hybrid host PLC, which can be expanded to 7 modules, comes with one RS232 and one RS485 port;

* Support DI input, DO relay output, AI linear input, AO linear output;

* Support 1 channel 20KHz A/B phase pulse input;

* The program is permanently saved, the program capacity is 48K, and the instructions are rich, which fully meets the needs of on-site logic control;

* There is no need to write any conversion program for analog quantities, and the on-site temperature acquisition can be done in one step.

2. On-site networking

Picture 1.png

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of microwave disinfection system network

3. On-site control photos

The control system has a total of 2 cabinets, one of which is configured with a PLC and a Haiwell IoT cloud HMI. The specific configurations are as follows:

Field control cabinet 1# configuration: C7S-W S16M0R

Field control cabinet 2# configuration: C7S-W S16M0R

Picture 2.png

Figure 2 Microwave sterilization site equipment diagram

Operation video of microwave disinfection field equipment

Fourth, the program advantages and summary

1. The traditional touch screen is easily affected by microwaves, which makes the monitoring data inaccurate, while IkonDrives  IoT Cloud HMI has a certain anti-interference ability to the microwaves generated on-site to ensure the reliable operation of on-site equipment;

2. IkonDrives IoT cloud HMI supports IkonDrives cloud platform, intelligent management, cloud/mobile terminal access control, and strong operability;

3. Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, integrated IkonDrives Cloud cloud service, built-in IkonDrives cloud engine, so that access is safe and reliable, and remote security is assured;

4. Support the push of on-site alarm information, which can be pushed to the mobile APP of the owner and administrator, master the first-hand alarm information on site, and monitor the temperature alarm information of the microwave equipment in time. The system will send it to users through WeChat or SMS, which is very fast;

5. Through Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI, you can also remotely upload and download PLC programs, upgrade firmware, monitor and diagnose PLC information;

6. Through Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI, you can also remotely upload and download HMI programs, upgrade firmware, export historical data records, etc., saving technical engineers the cost of going out for debugging.