The dyeing or deep processing of fabrics in textile mills is accompanied by the high temperature of the fabrics or the residues of some chemicals, which poses a certain threat to the monitoring and safety of on-site operators, and the original manual hanging of the fabrics has been unable to keep up with the fabric processing. speed. Based on this, it is imperative to install a fully automatic cloth hanging machine at the cloth outlet. The fully automatic swinging machine uses IkonDrives HMI remote access technology, so that the on-site operators can know the operation status of the equipment when they are far away from the equipment, and effectively reduce the harm of chemical residues to the human body. At the same time, the IkonDrives PLC controls the equipment to reduce labor costs and improve Equipment output efficiency, serving multiple purposes with one stone.

1. Structural analysis of fully automatic swing hanging machine

The structure of the automatic swing hanging machine mainly includes four parts: the acquisition of the speed of the cloth, the main body of the swing hanging cloth, the frequency conversion speed regulation part, and the reducer part.

The cloth output speed acquisition is located on the cloth output drive spindle or linkage transmission shaft of the cloth output device. An incremental rotary encoder wheel is placed. Thereby obtaining the cloth speed.

According to the actual height of the cloth hanging, the swinging radian of the swinging hanging cloth body is adjusted.

The frequency conversion speed regulation part and the reducer part are used to control the final output speed of the motor, thereby controlling the swing frequency of the main body of the hanging cloth.

In addition to the above controls, there are also essential human-computer interaction interfaces, and the following control requirements must be realized:

Parameter monitoring : HMI interface displays the actual cloth speed and cloth length in real time;

* Parameter setting : initial cloth length, synchronous scale factor, incremental length;

Haiwell’s automatic swinging and hanging machine can automatically adjust the operating frequency of the swinging or hanging cloth according to the cloth output speed and realize the replacement Time-consuming and laborious manual operations.

Selection configuration: C7S-G touch screen, PLC: AC10S0R

2. Analysis of the control program of the automatic cloth hanging machine

Because the fully automatic cloth hanging machine needs to control the cost, the AC series PLC is selected. The incremental rotary encoder wheel that detects the cloth speed can calculate the cloth speed through the interrupt command program of the PLC and the frequency calculation algorithm. Under the premise of realizing the requirements , to provide users with a low-cost control scheme, economical and practical.

After the actual cloth feeding speed is obtained, the swinging limit points set on the turntable driven by the reducer are used to control the swinging stop of the main body of the cloth hanging, and the accumulation of the cloth feeding length is carried out at the same time. When the accumulated value is equal to the set value, Trigger the inverter to output the motor to run.

Because the motor drives the reducer to control the swing of the main body of the hanging cloth, that is, it is necessary to debug and compare the frequency ratio. All the parameters of the synchronization coefficient are set, and the coefficient is adjusted according to the actual situation.


Third, the automatic control of the hanging cloth machine remote monitoring

Because the automatic cloth hanging machine is in a high temperature and high noise environment, and the Haiwell C7S-G touch screen is selected, it supports 4G Internet access, remote monitoring and remote updating of touch screen projects and PLC projects, which is convenient for remote debugging and remote monitoring. length.


Figure 1: Remote monitoring of fully automatic swing hanging machine


Figure 2: The scene of the fully automatic swing hanging machine

The video of the operation of the cloth hanging machine

Fourth, the program advantages

1. Before the transformation, at least multiple people are required to operate in turn, and the work intensity is high. After the transformation, only one person needs to monitor from a distance.

2. The swing frequency of the cloth before the transformation is constant, and the swing frequency cannot be precisely controlled. The artificial setting will easily lead to the deterioration of the swing amplitude, resulting in extremely poor actual hanging effect. After the transformation, real-time frequency detection is used to achieve real-time response adaptation, and the human-machine coordination effect is better.

3. The modified equipment supports remote APP monitoring and cloud website monitoring, and personnel can stay away from the operating environment, which better protects the personal safety of operators.