The Internet of Things management platform for the exclusive enterprise, which centrally manages equipment, personnel and assets as an enterprise. More suitable for businesses with a large number of devices.

custom logo

  • According to the needs of project or enterprise management, personalized display can be realized on the mobile APP, applet and webpage. Personalized content including custom logo, custom platform name, custom web link
  • Modify the humanized design of the logo online to create an exclusive corporate brand image for you

Enterprise equipment

  • Enterprises can bind devices in batches, uniformly assign device A/B key permissions, and the dual-key audit mechanism has a higher security level
  • A single or multiple management teams can be set up to clarify the responsible managers of the equipment. One team can maintain all the equipment under the name of the enterprise, improving the efficiency of enterprise management
  • Support multi-level grouping of equipment, refined equipment management, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

cloud maintenance

  • Independent of maintenance identities other than A/Bkey, it provides equipment manufacturers and enterprises with exclusive cloud maintenance and management identities, making remote maintenance equipment more professional and convenient
  • Enterprises can directly configure and enable the cloud maintenance function in the project, which is convenient for mass production management and equipment binding, and effectively improves equipment operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Meet the multi-level group management requirements of equipment. Custom classification management can be performed according to device permissions, areas, functions, etc.
  • Realize intelligent equipment operation and maintenance, reduce abnormal downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and help enterprises to digitally transform and upgrade

IoT Card Management

  • Support batch management and monitoring of enterprise IoT cards, the information is clear at a glance, and the usage of traffic cards and device status can be viewed in real time
  • Support online recharge and renewal of IoT cards in the background, which is convenient and fast without running, making enterprises more worry-free and labor-saving