✪ IkonDrives Data Visualization System Product Brochure

Data visualization is to convey and communicate information more clearly, intuitively and effectively by means of the form of images. It presents large and centralized data in the form of graphics, images, videos or animations for users to interactively analyze the data. Some users use data visualization to observe and track data, while others use data visualization to discover direct underlying correlations. Figuratively speaking, data visualization is to transform data information into a landscape that can be explored by eyes, an integrated information map through visualization.

What is IkonDrives Data Visualization System?

IkonDrives SCADA cloud configuration software actually already has some data visualization functions, such as historical curve, alarm record table, real-time curve, historical record table, etc. If only equipment data needs to be reflected, then Haiwell configuration software can realize its corresponding data visualization function. But for most enterprises, only data visualization of device data is far from meeting the data analysis needs of enterprises. Only a visualization system that integrates all data such as enterprise ERP/MES in a centralized manner can have real data mining function value for enterprises. Therefore, in response to these needs of enterprises, we have launched IkonDrives data visualization system.

The significance of IkonDrives data visualization system is as follows:

    • Make data tangible and mine data value
    • Design data visualization in a configuration way
    • Solve the pain points of projects requiring custom software
    • Can expand from equipment to upper-end software and combine with internal enterprise data
    • Provide overall solutions to form an industrial The ecological closed loop of the Internet of Things

IkonDrives data visualization system realizes data visualization function by configuration. It integrates all enterprise data such as equipment, ERP, MES, CRM, production, finance, etc., including the equipment and field data reported by IkonDrives IoT terminal cloud HMI, cloud box, all-in-one machine, SCADA, etc. presented intuitively. It realizes data reporting through IoT terminals and IkonDrives data interconnection tools. The data entry module is used to cooperate with IkonDrives data interconnection tool to realize data distribution, and it can be presented with a large-screen controller. Its application scenarios can cover equipment data presentation, large-screen display, combination of equipment data and enterprise internal data, data reporting, data query, data analysis to meet Party A’s needs, etc.

The system is powerful, easy to learn and easy to implement. Complex data presentation can be realized by simply dragging and dropping, and functions such as various presentation, interactive analysis, data entry, rights management, timing scheduling, print output, portal management and mobile presentation can be easily realized. The system software can be obtained from the website ” Downloads “. Click to view the instructions for use and the system brochure .

Haiwell Haiwell Data Visualization System

Main product features

Excel-like design mode
Excel-like designer, remote design, multi-person collaboration, multi-work directory.

Data reporting
supports multi-style data entry, verification, multi-level circulation, offline reporting, multi-sheet reporting, pagination reporting, batch excel import, etc.

Big screen application
Data management cockpit on the big screen.

The decision report has
a responsive layout, and components can be refreshed independently and freely, which is suitable for building a management cockpit.

Permission Control
Rich permission authentication methods and detailed permission granularity control scheme can facilitate the realization of single sign-on.

Data support
supports a variety of databases and types, and provides a heterogeneous data source model, so that the data of the same report can come from multiple different tables in the same database, or multiple different databases.

Print output
supports all mainstream printing methods and file output types, and supports attribute customization.

H5 chart, more than 20 types and 100 styles

The decision-making platform
has unified access, centralized management, and classified maintenance of reports, users, and permissions.

Interactive analysis
chart linkage, data linkage, multi-dimensional data drilling, any combination of drilling, unlimited level drilling, multi-dimensional data analysis, real-time analysis, control query.

Complex report processing
provides a series of functions such as row-column symmetry, grouping, paging and columnarization, dynamic inter-grid operations, and aggregated reports.

Data Map
The built-in GIS layer-based data map is extremely fine-grained and rich in styles.

Timing Scheduling
For routine tasks, set timing scheduling, and the server will automatically generate and send reports.

Parameter control
Visual parameter configuration, rich parameter control, custom various advanced data screening.


Case demonstration

Haiwell data visualization system