Get IkonDrives Cloud APP

IkonDrives Cloud APP supports iPad, Android, iOS multi-platform terminals. Users can search for “Haiwei Cloud” in major APP stores to download for free, or scan the QR code of IkonDrives official APP to obtain it directly.

Haiwell Cloud APP QR code

Haiwell Cloud APP

The remote viewing and control of HMI and SCADA can be easily realized through IkonDrives Cloud APP. IkonDrives Cloud APP provides a secure communication mechanism and uses a 128-bit SSL encryption mechanism to ensure the stability of the data transmission process. It also sets up two types of “A-Key and B-Key” or “Password Audit Mechanism” on the device side. Audit mechanism to ensure the security and reliability of remote access devices.

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IkonDrives Cloud APP Instructions for Use

For specific operation details, please refer to the introduction of IkonDrives Cloud APP User Manual.