IKON Drives Smart Public Toilet IoT Solution

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1. Industry background

With the slogan of “toilet revolution” in recent years, the smart toilet monitoring system must be the mainstream trend in the future. However, the popularity of smart toilets is relatively low now. Accelerating the pace of building smart toilets and seizing the opportunity of the “toilet revolution” is an indispensable part of improving the country’s image and quality of life. IKON Drives Cloud Smart Toilet combines the technologies of Internet of Things, network transmission, remote control, etc., which enables traditional toilets to have the ability of real-time perception, accurate judgment and precise execution, realizes the refined management of urban toilets, and can provide high-quality, high-end toilets for the people. , comfortable service.

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 1 Appearance of the smart public toilet

Second, the needs of intelligent toilet supervision system

The intelligent toilet monitoring system is generally divided into the following aspects of environmental monitoring, security and central control; environmental monitoring includes odor detection, liquid level detection, power usage detection and water usage detection; security should meet the following one-key alarm, door lock and Camera monitoring; centralized control includes data integration, large-screen display and remote management.

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 2 System composition

3. Network diagram of a single system

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 3 Networking diagram of a single system


The intelligent public toilet system is mainly composed of four parts: perception layer, transmission layer, application layer and terminal layer.

  • Sensing layer : The gas concentration detector is responsible for detecting odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in public toilets, and the detector outputs current or voltage signals in the form of analog quantities; infrared sensors are used to detect whether the toilet seat is currently used; electricity meters are used for statistics The electricity consumed during the running time of the public toilet; the water meter is used to count the amount of water consumed during the running time of the public toilet; emergency button: when personnel encounter an emergency in the public toilet, they need to press the button to call and alarm;
  • Transmission layer : collect and monitor the parameters of the hardware system through the network or serial port, and remotely report the data through the Mqtt technology;
  • Application layer : mainly the intelligent public toilet management platform is composed of IKON Drives configuration software and touch screen, the configuration software monitors the acquisition parameters of the hardware system and the HMI monitoring hardware system, modifies the system operating parameters in real time, and records and analyzes the real-time data of the system;
  • Terminal layer : refers to smart phones, ipads, computers, PCs, etc., which can remotely access and modify real-time operating data of equipment in the system and view current and historical fault alarm information in a timely manner.

4. Program composition

IKON Drives Cloud smart public toilet solution is based on the integration of its own cloud. Through PLC host, C series touch screen, TVBOX, IKON Drives cloud camera, IKON Drives cloud APP and IKON Drives cloud platform; the host is equipped with corresponding equipment, humidity sensor, gas sensor, gas sensor one-key alarm and other data are transmitted to the server or cloud The platform, together with MQTT, can upload data to the MQTT server, and the database can then extract data from the MQTT server, and can develop a remote data centralized monitoring system according to actual needs; realize intelligent management of smart public toilets and improve the image of urban civilization.


Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 4 Multi-site centralized monitoring network topology

Five, part of the HMI program diagram

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure five toilet monitoring screen

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 6 I/O monitoring screen

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure Qihai is the remote access monitoring screen of the cloud APP

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure Bahai is a picture of cloud APP remote access parameter settings

6. Function of intelligent public toilet system

1. Smart public toilet positioning function: use the mobile APP and cloud website based on the cloud platform to locate the location of the surrounding smart public toilets, which is convenient for managers to find the location of the public toilet system;

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure Jiuhai is the application of cloud map

2. Intelligent deodorization function: the ventilation and ventilation equipment uses human detection sensors to intelligently activate the ventilation and ventilation system to accelerate the air circulation inside the public toilet and eliminate peculiar smell; it can also be set to timed and regular ventilation to ensure the freshness of the air in the public toilet;

3. Intelligent cleaning function: the quick cleaning system can automatically identify the unmanned state and start the floor cleaning in time;

4. Public toilet data management function: collect public toilet data information, store the data remotely through cloud platform processing and Mqtt technology, and send it to each authorized database terminal to send prompt information, alarm information and operating parameters, etc.;

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 10 Public toilet database

5. Maintenance reminder function: maintenance information such as full garbage bin and low catalyst material level are sent to relevant personnel in a timely manner through App push and SMS to improve efficiency;

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 11 Cloud APP push and SMS alarm

6. One-key call function: if the toilet user has an accident, he can also press the alarm button, and the toilet administrator will appear in time to provide help;

7. External panoramic camera: The equipment required to realize this function: cloud camera, video display, video storage, wireless/wired data terminal, cloud platform; terminals such as mobile phones, computers and web pages can access the cloud camera in real time.

Haiwell Smart Public Toilet Solution

Figure 12 Cloud camera application