IKON Drive Unattended Pumping Station IoT Solution

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Author: IKON Drive Technical Support Department

      The pump room unattended system is generally used in the remote monitoring and management of the pump station in the water supply system. Through the IKON Drive cloud platform, the pump station managers can remotely monitor the water level of the clear water pool or the in-station pressure, the working status of the pressurized pump group, the outbound flow, and the outbound pressure in the pumping station monitoring center of the water supply company. The cloud website remotely controls the pump start-up equipment manually, automatically, and remotely to control the start and stop of the pressurized pump group; using the IKON Drive cloud camera, it can also monitor the panorama of the station and important stations, so that the pump station is unattended.


Figure 1 A corner of the pumping station site 

1. Selection configuration

1. HMI: C10, 10-inch touch screen with 1024×600 resolution, A8 CPU, 4G Flash, 512M RAM. support:

1.1. Program download via serial port/U disk/SD card/Ethernet/Haiwin Cloud;

1.2, intelligent management, support cloud/mobile terminal access control, strong operability;

1.3. Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, multi-language automatic translation, project overview interface;

1.4. Integrated IKON Drive Cloud cloud service, built-in IKON Drive cloud engine;

1.5. Mobile APP alarm information push. If the APP is not opened, the system will send an alarm in the form of a text message Messages are sent to owner and administrator phones.

2. Cloud camera: CTQ3, wall-mounted cloud camera.

2.1, 2 million pixels 1080P 4mm horizontal field of view: 87° diagonal 104° distance 25m infrared night vision 30 meters IP66 RJ45 (10/100MB) with wifi Support SD card.

2.2. Built-in video streaming cloud service, integrated IKON Drive cloud function, support mobile phone remote real-time monitoring.

3. PLC: T16S2R+S08AI+S08AI.

3.1. T series standard PLC, which can be expanded to 7 modules, with one RS232 and one RS485 port;

3.2. Support 2-channel 200K high-speed pulse input and 2-channel 200K high-speed pulse output.

3.3. The program is permanently saved, the program capacity is 48K, and the instructions are rich, which fully meets the needs of on-site logic control.

3.4. The analog quantity does not need to write any conversion program. On-site temperature, pressure and liquid level collection can be done in one step.

2. On-site networking


Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the on-site networking of the pumping station

3. Introduction to camera HMI configuration

3.1 The camera is powered on, and the network cable that can access the Internet is inserted into the camera network port. At this time, the camera automatically obtains an IP and the Internet access is successful.

3.2 Each camera has a serial number and verification code when it leaves the factory.

3.3 Open IKON Drive HMI programming software – enter peripherals – camera – add peripherals, and fill in the verification code and serial number in the newly added camera.

3.4 In the editing screen, advanced controls – camera operation, bind the built camera, download the program screen and access the Internet, and the mobile phone can be accessed remotely.

4. On-site control photos


Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the on-site networking of the pumping station


Figure 4 Touch screen mobile phone APP monitoring and camera remote APP viewing

V. Program advantages and summary

1. The image quality of the traditional touch screen display camera is not high, and the lag is obvious. IKON Drive cloud camera, with clear and smooth video screen, is suitable for various computer room pumping stations, agricultural water plant breeding, animal husbandry monitoring and management and other occasions.

2. The traditional way of connecting HMI to video is: CVBS signal interface is reserved on HMI hardware. In this way, the hardware interface is limited, the resolution is not high, and the number of displays is limited. The video viewing method of IKON Drive cloud camera and HMI, theoretically, there is no limit to the number of cameras that can be connected, and it can support remote mobile APP and web viewing, anytime, anywhere, the device is running in the palm of your hand.

3. The touch screen camera is easy to configure, just fill in the serial number and verification code.

4. Support the push of on-site alarm information, which can be pushed to the remember and administrator mobile APPs, master the on-site alarm information, and monitor the pressure, liquid level and other alarm information of the pump station in time. IKON Drive APP can also realize that when the APP is not running in the background of the system, the system will send it to the user in the form of SMS, which is very fast.

5. The analog quantity does not need to write any conversion program. On-site temperature, pressure and liquid level collection can be done in one step.

6. Support remote upload and download of on-site touch screen and PLC programs, saving the cost of technical engineers going out for debugging.