IKON Drive Smart Breeding IoT Solution

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Foreword: With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for aquatic product quality has also changed, from a quantitative type to a quality type, which also promotes the rapid development of aquaculture modernization.

However, the rapid development of aquaculture has brought great wealth to the society, but also brought many technical problems to be solved urgently. For example, the customer wants to observe the water temperature, PH, and oxygen content of the fish pond in real time. The traditional method is that customers need to go to the site to observe and collect data, which often delays time, fails to obtain valid data, and sometimes causes economic losses. Now, customers put forward higher requirements, hoping to remotely view various data of the farm in real time through the Internet of Things and mobile phones, and respond in time. Exploring the mode of industrialization is a positive solution. It is this exploration that aquaculture has entered a new era of industrialization and informatization from the era of “scientific fish farming”.

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Application of Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP in Modern Aquaculture

Figure 1: Factory farming site

one. Control requirements

The key to aquaculture is to ensure that the water production environment, such as water temperature, PH, water pressure, etc., will have a great impact on the water production. The lack of timely detection of dissolved oxygen and the lack of timely temperature monitoring are all factors that lead to low yield. At present, the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet of Things has received extensive attention and has been applied in different fields. The application of IoT in aquaculture also makes aquaculture more convenient and efficient.

two. The main hardware configuration of the system

PLC selection: S20M0R

The controller selects IKON Drive S20M0R, the host is powered by 24V DC externally, 8-channel DI, 6-channel DO relay output; 4-channel AI, 2-channel AO; comes with two communication ports (RS232+RS485), which can be expanded to 5 communications port; 7 modules can be extended.

The temperature and pressure of the fish pond need to be collected by analog quantities, and the valve control needs to be controlled by on-off quantities. The S20M0R has both on-off quantities and analog quantities, which can well meet the conditions.

HMI selection: C7 touch screen

The touch screen selects IKON Drive C7. The touch screen has a 800MHZ microprocessor CPU, 4GB Flash+ 512M DDR3, a unique A/B Key security mechanism, supports cloud/mobile terminal access control, and has strong operability. Standard network port, 2 serial ports (232/422/485), 2 USB ports, SD card.

When the C7 touch screen is connected to the Internet, you can remotely view the water temperature, PH, pressure and other parameters of the fish pond through a mobile phone or computer, which is convenient for monitoring and greatly saves time.

Application of Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP in Modern Aquaculture

Figure 2: Control cabinet screen

Application of Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP in Modern Aquaculture

Figure 3: Mobile phone to view the touch screen screen

Application of Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP in Modern Aquaculture

Figure 4: Computer web page to view the touch screen screen

three. part of the program

IKON Drive PLC communication program is simple, no matter what communication protocol you use, you only need one communication command to complete complex communication functions, and you don’t need to worry about communication port conflicts, sending and receiving control, communication interruption handling and other issues. In this example, the baud rate of the inverter is 9600, and the data format is E, 7, 1. The following is an example program for reading the frequency communication of the inverter.

Application of Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP in Modern Aquaculture

Four. Summarize

IKON Drive is committed to Industry 4.0. IKON Drive HMI integrates  IKON Drive ell Cloud cloud service, built-in IKON Drive cloud engine, supports PC, iPad, Android, iOS multi-platform terminals, and can remotely access machines and equipment thousands of miles away from anywhere through mobile phones or computers. , Realize remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI and PLC, and can remotely download programs to IKON Drive PLC through HMI. When abnormal water temperature occurs, alarm information can be sent in time through Email, mobile APP and SMS, so that more timely and accurate data can be collected. data, intelligently control water temperature, PH, etc. The development of automation is inseparable from the continuous innovation of science and technology. IKON Drive Technology will continue to innovate and develop to provide better products and services for social production and life!