1. Application background

With the continuous development of household electrical appliances and industrial control products, various manufacturers are developing in the direction of customization in electronic accessories. Among them , the application of electrical connectors, that is, aviation connectors, is also more extensive. We have received a research and development project this time. The project of producing electrical connector products for air-conditioning sensor products is mainly for the application of high temperature In a vacuum environment , the glass powder is wrapped in the copper leads according to the shape required by the mold and the packaging mold. Finally, the molten glass glaze is cooled and formed. Provides good insulators and seals between leads .

This type of product has a wide range of applications , including air-conditioning accessories , motor accessories and various industrial products.

2. Application requirements

At present , the prototype has been produced. After the customer’s product trial in Qingdao was successful, it has been sent to the customer for installation and debugging. It belongs to the successful stage of preliminary trial production , and the large-scale production of the product has not yet been realized.

Mainly the following functions are required:

1) Vacuum, the customer’s products need to be formed under vacuum, mainly to reduce the air bubbles in the connector and improve the product quality . The reduction of air bubbles is also conducive to the molding of glass

2) The temperature, the equipment needs to rise to a high temperature of 1300 degrees and last for a period of time. During this period, it is necessary to cooperate with the product firing process, and it must also be used in conjunction with vacuum and other gases. The control requirements for logical relationships are high, and the process must be controlled.

3) Gas, nitrogen and hydrogen atmospheres are required during the firing process, and the workpiece is processed according to the temperature

4) The detection system, the water temperature, water pressure, gas pressure, vacuum degree and oxygen content required for the safe use of the equipment must be monitored in real time

3. Solutions

At present , our design is to use the pressure vessel tank, cut the holes we need on the pressure vessel tank, and weld the pipes to make the shape and structure we need, and then install the heater in the pressure vessel tank with copper electrodes. Connect to the transformer power system. So the body is done.

The heating part is heated by transformers and resistance wires, controlled by temperature control instruments and power regulators, and copper bars are used as electrical connection carriers. The vacuum system purchases a complete set of vacuum units from Nanguang, agrees on the control signal interface of both parties , and uses the switching value to control the start and stop of the unit. For other gas parts, purchase special gas control valves, which are controlled by switching values, and whether the solenoid valve is opened or not is used as a control signal for gas on-off. Other types of sensors purchase mature switch products on the market and introduce PLC parts .

The main control adopts a 60 – point PLC to make a control cabinet, install the PLC in it , and install other intermediate relays, control switches , and switching power supply products. The operation interface uses a touch screen as the man-machine . The interactive interface is convenient for viewing the equipment status and operating each component.

Various instruments and operation buttons are installed on the operation panel, which can intuitively observe the main state of the equipment, which is convenient for the grasp of feeding and reclaiming , and can also be linked with the system to realize automatic operation. The water part and the gas pipeline are important parts of the equipment. We invited professional construction personnel to carry out the construction to ensure the reasonable distribution and cooling effect of the waterway. The gas part is welded with stainless steel pipes due to the presence of hydrogen gas to ensure the sealing performance. .

4. Hardware configuration

Picture 1.jpg

Figure 1 Internal view of the on-site control cabinet

Picture 2.jpg

Figure 2 External view of the on-site control cabinet


Picture 3.jpg

Figure 3 Site construction drawing


5. Software Design

Picture 4.jpg

Figure 4 Screenshot of the main program 1

Picture 5.jpg Figure 5 Screenshot of the main program 2

6. Application summary

In the past, I mainly used Mitsubishi PLC and Siemens PLC. Compared with the PLCs of these two brands, Haiwell has done a good job in appearance design , mold quality, etc. It is also more convenient to use , and the programming software is simple and easy. I understand, there is no sense of obstruction in operation, and the application instruction set is relatively rich. Although I have not used many instructions , I have roughly read the manual, which can meet all my current work designs and applications in various industries .

This time , I made a high- temperature sintering furnace , which mainly used on -off control. It was a relatively simple and conventional project . Many advantages of Haiweise were not reflected, such as communication functions and motion control applications. Next time I have a chance, I will use it again. I feel that our brand should also make breakthroughs in product structure design, not limited to the existing PLC model and appearance, and should rely on better industrial product appearance design to enrich product lines .

All in all , the user experience this time is still good, and the customer is also very satisfied. Thank you Haiwell PLC for this activity and support .