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Ikondrives Cloud SCADA is an industrial automation monitoring and management platform software based on .NET Framework developed by Xiamen Ikondrives Technology Co. , Ltd. It is the programming management software for IoT cloud HMI / IoT cloud box / industrial touch all-in-one computer .

You can download the latest version of the software installation package for free from the data download center on Ikondrives official website .

Main features:

Integrated data interconnection tool
Through Ikondrives data interconnection tool, real-time data and historical data can be stored in MySQL, SQL Server and other databases, and data distribution is supported.

● Support MQTT protocol & The built-in MQTT server
supports MQTT protocol, supports access to database server, easily realizes data collection and reporting, and connects to ERP/MES and other systems. The built-in MQTT server can open the MQTT proxy function and easily realize the MQTT self-organization network .

● Cloud transparent transmission function
can remotely program, upload and download, upgrade firmware, diagnose, monitor and debug PLC programs. Detect abnormal conditions on site anytime, anywhere.

● Support secondary configuration
, can flexibly call local equipment variable data, realize centralized control of remote equipment, and make engineers more handy in remote centralized control.

● Remote access control
Any networked computer can be monitored by opening a browser. The screen of the mobile phone is the same as that of the PC, and there is no need to repeat the configuration.

Ikondrives cloud data center
does not require users to build MQTT server, and remote centralized control of equipment can be easily realized through Haiwell cloud data center.

● Programmable command language
provides users with the functions of JavaScript programming language, realizes functions that traditional configuration software cannot achieve, and makes better use of all configuration resources.

● Abundant alarm notification
The alarm information on the industrial site will be notified to the relevant staff in a timely manner through the screen, computer voice, WeChat, SMS, email and other forms.

● Support a variety of third-party protocols
built-in multiple industrial equipment drivers, support current mainstream PLC, inverter, instrument

● Powerful interface display and configuration function
Through various graphic elements and point bitmaps on the screen, the on-site situation of the industry can be observed intuitively to monitor it in real time.

● Good openness
to communicate with various industrial control equipment, and monitor it through the collected production signals of the industrial site.

● Abundant functional modules
can timely notify relevant staff of the alarm information on the industrial site through the screen, computer voice, WeChat, SMS, email and other forms. The use of network engineering enables multiple configurations to act as clients and servers for each other, sharing data through the network, and realizing distributed control.

● Powerful database
records store data. Analyze and count the recorded real-time working condition data and historical working condition data to solve production failures, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality.

● Programmable command language
provides users with the functions of JavaScript programming language, realizes functions that traditional configuration software cannot achieve, and makes better use of all configuration resources.

● Delicate system security precautions
to realize security control such as security level and user level for the operation of the project, so as to improve the security of the project.

● The simulation function
provides simulation operation, so that the development of the project is not affected by the actual equipment, and the test can be carried out within the software, thus shortening the development cycle.

Hardware Requirements:

CPU: 1.2 GHz PC or compatible and above, 2.4 GHz PC or compatible is recommended.

Memory: 512MB and above, 1GB is recommended.

Hard disk: 20GB and above, 80GB is recommended.

Mouse: Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.

Display: Resolution 800 x 600 High Color 16-bit and above, 1024 x 768 High Color 32-bit recommended.

Software requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP SP2 and above.

Running platform: Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5.

General steps of engineering development

Take Ikondrives PLC as an example of the project

Step 1: Double-click the cloud configuration development environment icon on the computer desktop to open the cloud configuration software.

Step 2 : Create a new project, click “New Project” on the start page of the cloud configuration software, and the project properties window will pop up. After configuring the project properties, click “OK”.

Step 3 : Add a device. In the Add Device window interface, expand the PLC node, then expand the Haiwell equipment node, click the Ikondrives PLC node, configure the device properties in the device properties window on the right, and click “OK to add”.

Step 4 : Add a variable, click “Yes” in the pop-up device adding prompt window, and a variable adding window will pop up. After adding the variable, close the window.

Step 5 : Add and edit screen, a main screen is added by default in the configuration when creating a new project. Here, the main screen is directly edited, and the required graphic elements in the library are dragged to the screen window, and the configuration is Attributes.

Step 6 : Run and debug, click the “Compile” tool in the toolbar, and the project save window will pop up. After saving the project to the desired save location, the compile window will pop up. After checking whether there are any errors, click “Close”. Click the “Simulation Run” tool in the toolbar to enter the cloud configuration running environment and run the project.