Domestic PLC—the application of IKON PLC&HMI in the HVAC control system of HSBC Paris

IKON PLC supports 32 channels of incremental PID, 32 channels of self-tuning PID, and 32 channels of fuzzy temperature control. It can cooperate with TTC temperature curve control, VC valve control and other commands to easily achieve various complex control requirements. In addition, the DT series special digital temperature and humidity module featured by IKON PLC can accurately measure the temperature and humidity within a range of 200 meters, and the collected temperature and humidity values ​​have no error, and the cost is very low. It has its own communication port, supports remote function, and can also be used as a remote IO module.

Application of domestic PLC-IKON PLC in photovoltaic power generation

Tracking of daily movement trajectory. Compared with a solar photovoltaic power generation system at a fixed location, the sun rises and sets every day in four seasons of a year, and the sun’s illumination angle changes all the time. If the solar panel can always face the sun, the power generation efficiency will be improved. reach a better state.