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Author: IKON Drives Technology Department

1. Industry background

A traditional mooncake packaging machine is a device that packs unpackaged products or small packaged products into shipping bags. With the advantages of increasing production capacity, simplifying processes, and safety in industrial sites, industrial robots are widely used in the automation industry. This packaging machine is improved on the basis of ordinary packaging machine, and is used in conjunction with the Internet. Through IKON Drives IoT Cloud HMI, users can monitor the running status of equipment in real time on mobile terminals such as computers and mobile phones, view historical data, alarm information and original control equipment. The network diagram is as follows:


Figure 1 Networking applied on the moon cake packaging machine

2. Control scheme

The card-type AT series standard PLC and 7-inch IoT cloud HMI are selected to support remote and real-time monitoring of the running status of the mooncake packaging machine on PCs, mobile phones and other equipment, and real-time upload of equipment historical data records and fault alarm information.

1617850241524274.pngFigure 2 Display on the computer side of the configuration screenEven if the customer is far away from the site, the equipment information and operation status of the site can be monitored in real time, reducing the time for workers to maintain the equipment and greatly improving the labor efficiency.


Figure 3 Configuration screen mobile phone display

Mobile phone remote monitoring, through APP or WeChat applet, can be controlled thousands of miles away; customers can reasonably arrange maintenance work according to the situation, intelligently warn, and efficiently handle on-site failures.

3. Field application

The moon cakes made and packaged by the moon cake production line are transported to the packaging robot one by one through the transmission belt. After automatic integration, the packaging robot will carry out the packing operation to achieve the purpose of secondary packaging.

Mooncake packaging machine live video
  • Mooncake delivery: The mooncakes are transported to the front of the packaging robot through the conveyor belt, and the mechanical structure in front of the robot integrates the mooncakes, and the arrangement can be modified according to customer needs. The field equipment is as follows:


Figure 4 On-site equipment diagram of moon cake packaging machine

  • Packing case transfer: The packing case is parked within the working range of the robot by means of a conveyor belt. When the packing box is full, the PLC will receive a packing signal, indicating that a new box needs to be transferred.
  • Mooncake packing: After the arrangement and integration of the mooncakes is completed, the robot will grab the mooncakes and put them into the packing box accurately; the PLC adopts Haiwell A series card machine, and the PLC part of the control cabinet is as shown below:


Figure 5 PLC part diagram