At present, the level of industrial automation has become an important symbol to measure the modernization level of all walks of life. Automation has gradually penetrated into people’s daily production and life process, for example, elevators, central air conditioners, etc. are exposed every day.

      Due to the needs of human production and life, the application of HVAC systems has continued to expand, and it has become an essential infrastructure for large indoor venues. The HVAC system is referred to as HVAC, which mainly maintains the comfort of the indoor environment by controlling boilers, refrigerators, water pumps, fans, air conditioning units, etc. The cooling and heat source refrigeration monitoring is the core of the entire air conditioning system, and PID control is essential. a part of.

HVAC control system

      PID control is well known in the automation industry, also known as PID tuning. It is composed of proportional unit P, integral unit I and differential unit D, and is widely used in the field of automation control because of its simplicity and ease of understanding. The selection of appropriate PID parameters is critical to the stable operation of the air conditioning system.

      Haiwell PLC is favored by many temperature control projects because of its excellent PID control function. Not only in China, but also the HVAC control system of HSBC in Paris, France, has also chosen Haiwell products.

Application of Haiwell PLC HMI in French HSBC HVAC Control System

      Haiwell PLC supports 32 channels of incremental PID, 32 channels of self-tuning PID, and 32 channels of fuzzy temperature control. It can cooperate with TTC temperature curve control, VC valve control and other commands to easily achieve various complex control requirements. In addition, the DT series special digital temperature and humidity module featured by Haiwell PLC can accurately measure the temperature and humidity within a range of 200 meters, and the collected temperature and humidity values ​​have no error, and the cost is very low. It has its own communication port, supports remote function, and can also be used as a remote IO module.

haiwell Haiwell PLC digital temperature and humidity module.jpg

      The new generation of Haiwell Ethernet cloud HMI is the icing on the cake for the project. This series of HMI supports Haiwell cloud platform and can be accessed and controlled through the cloud or mobile phone. Even if you leave the project site, you can directly log in to your mobile phone to check the monitoring project status anytime and anywhere. In an abnormal state, it can also send alarm information to you in time through Email, mobile APP and SMS, so that you can relax and worry-free!

Haiwell Haiwell Ethernet Cloud HMI Human-Machine Interface

      The development of automation is inseparable from the continuous innovation of science and technology. Haiwell Technology will continue to forge ahead and provide better products and services for social production and life!