Application of domestic PLC-IKON Drive PLC wireless Zigbee in parking lot control system

Author: Xiamen IKON Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

Foreword: With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, the ownership of family vehicles and social vehicles is constantly increasing, and the construction of parking lots has become an indispensable part of most construction projects. However, only with a good control system in a parking lot can it save manpower, improve the utilization rate of parking space, and alleviate the tension between supply and demand of social parking spaces. This system uses IKON Drive H01ZB module and PC2ZB module to set up a wireless Zigbee network and touch screen for communication. On the basis of the retransmission mechanism of the Zigbee protocol itself, the H01ZB wireless module adds a disconnection response retransmission mechanism on the application layer. The stability of communication is greatly improved, and no bad situations such as communication interruption are found during use, which provides convenience for car owners to quickly stop.

Keywords: IKON Drive ( IKON Drive) domestic PLC H01ZB module PC2ZB module parking lot

1. Control requirements

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things

Control Schematic

1. Use the LED monochrome display at the garage door to display the remaining parking spaces; when there are still parking spaces, the entrance gate can open the door to allow vehicles to enter and park;

2. Automatically collect the status of the vehicle entering the garage, use the card swipe to obtain the card number to enter the parking lot and guide the user to quickly find the parking space, reducing the user’s parking time;

3. In order to prevent random parking in the user parking area, an ultrasonic parking space sensor is set above the parking space to detect whether the vehicle is placed indiscriminately;

4. When the user’s vehicle exits the venue, the card is used, the parking time is automatically calculated according to the entry time and the exit time, and the payable fee is automatically calculated according to the parking time and charging standard, and the user can leave after paying the fee.

2. Control scheme

   2.1 Composition of the hardware system

In the control system of this paper, the signal collected by the system is a logic switch signal, and the number of input points increases with the increase of the number of parking spaces in the parking lot. This requires the PLC to have strong point expansion capability, while IKON Drive PLC can expand 7 modules, and most expansion modules also support the remote function, which can read the information of the corresponding point through the Modbus protocol, and the small computer has the medium-sized computer It has no problem with the general parking lot control system. In addition, the PLC needs to communicate with the LED monochrome display screen to send the remaining parking space information. At the same time, the PLC also needs to collect the card number information. To monitor the card number, the card number information will be transmitted and communicated through the system at any time as key information. Therefore, the information in the system Frequent communication requires PLC with strong communication capability. The communication aspect is precisely the advantage of IKON Drive PLC. It is simple and easy to use. One communication command can complete complex communication functions, which can greatly reduce the debugging time of the system and improve the efficiency. Considering the above system requirements, IKON Drive PLC is selected. As the controller of this control system.

2.2 Controller and module selection and use

The selection of the PLC host is generally on the premise that the function meets the requirements. This system considers the possibility of using more register components, so the host of the H series is selected. The H series host comes with RS232 and RS485 communication ports. The functions of each communication port are the same. They can be programmed and networked, and can be used as a master station or a slave station. In this system, the card reader and PLC use the RS232 communication port on the host for information exchange, and the LED monochrome display uses the RS485 on the host for communication.

In order to save time for users, this system specially installs a touch screen at the card taking place, and uses H01ZB module and PC2ZB module to realize wireless communication between PLC and touch screen. The H01ZB module is directly hung behind the host; the PC2ZB module is connected to the touch screen. The following figure is a schematic diagram of the networking:

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things


Network Diagram

After normal communication, the user will have a clear understanding of the layout of the parking lot and the distribution of vacant parking spaces through the touch screen. The screen of the touch screen will be displayed back and forth on the overall layout of the parking lot and the screen with the most parking spaces, guiding the user to quickly arrive at the parking lot. area. The following image is the touch screen display of one of the areas:

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things


Touch screen area display screen

3. Part of the program

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things


3. System advantages

1. Powerful communication and simulation functions

IKON Drive PLC has many powerful and innovative and convenient commands. No matter what kind of communication protocol, only one communication command is needed to complete complex communication functions. IKON Drive PLC PLC programming software with built-in simulator fully realizes PLC simulation operation. Both ordinary programs and communication simulation programs can be simulated. Greatly reduce on-site debugging time, reduce debugging difficulty, and improve debugging efficiency.

2. The wireless networking is simple and convenient, and the communication is stable

It is simple and convenient to use IKON Drive H01ZB module and PC2ZB module to build a network, without the need for users to configure zigbee parameters, just toggle the DIP switch that comes with the module. The communication has relatively high stability, and on the basis of the retransmission mechanism of the zigbee protocol itself, a disconnection retransmission mechanism on the application layer is added.

3. Instead of manpower, it can improve efficiency and save costs

The parking lot control system improves the work efficiency of modern humans, greatly saves manpower and material resources, and reduces the company’s operating costs; it regulates the parking order, avoids the phenomenon of arbitrary charges, and makes the entire management system more secure and reliable.

4. Visual interface, allowing users to reduce parking time

When queuing to pick up the card, the user can see the area layout of the entire parking lot on the touch screen and the simplest route to the area with the most parking spaces, which reduces the user’s parking time. Although it is only a little time, the user’s experience Since then, the humanized design can always attract more users.