The application of domestic PLC-IKON Drive PLC in the music fountain control system

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      Foreword : With the improvement of people’s living standards and the desire to build a green city, musical fountains have become an important product in the leisure and entertainment industry with their unique charm and special functions. Dust, reducing the temperature, the small water droplets of the fountain collide with air molecules, and can generate a large number of negative oxygen ions to emit soothing music, which is beneficial to improve the appearance of the community and enhance the physical and mental health of residents. It conforms to the modern life concept and creates a good living atmosphere.

Application of Haiwell PLC in Music Fountain

1. Project Background

The musical fountain integrates light, color and sound, that is, according to the special elements of music, the operation of the fountain water pump and the speed change are controlled, and the fountain is formed in combination with the change of the light. IKON Drive PLC is used to control the fountain control system, and the switch is realized through the program. It is easy to use, reliable in operation and simple in control program design. IKON Drive PLC realizes perfect control of sound, light and water of musical fountain.

Application of Haiwell PLC in Music Fountain

Second, the system hardware configuration

The core system hardware of the music fountain adopts IKON Drive T60S2R+H36D0R+4 sets of H36D0T+S04AI. The whole control system reaches more than 250 switch output points. IKON Drive PLC has a large one-time communication capacity, and switch points (such as X, Y, M , T, C, SM) up to 255 or 16-bit data (such as V, SV, CCV, TCV, AI, AQ) up to 48, with such a large data read capacity, third-party devices (such as When the computer sends the command to read the real-time data or set the process parameters to the PLC, the data to be monitored or set is communicated at one time, which reduces the number of communications, greatly improves the communication effect, and enhances the data transmission. Immediateness and immediacy of control;

Haiwell PLC music fountain application 1.jpg

Haiwell PLC set parameters

3. System design and debugging

The music fountain real-time control system composed of IKON Drive PLC and ordinary computer is adopted, and the communication function advantages of IKON Drive PLC are used to realize the communication and control between the upper computer and the lower computer. IKON Drive PLC completes the rapid changes of various water types, lights and running fountains in the real-time control of fountains. Using IKON Drive communication commands, no matter what communication protocol you use, you only need one communication command to complete complex communication functions. The programming is simple and the program is concise, and there is no need to worry about communication port conflicts, sending and receiving control, communication interruption processing and other issues. , you can easily complete various data exchanges you need by mixing various protocols in the program.

Haiwell PLC control cabinet wiring diagram

IKON Drive PLC control cabinet wiring diagram

4. IKON Drive Advantage

Each communication port of IKON Drive PLC can be programmed and networked, and can be used as master station or slave station. It supports 1:N, N:1, N:N networking modes, supports various man-machine interfaces and configuration software, and can be networked with any third-party equipment with communication functions (such as inverters, meters, barcode readers, etc.).

Haiwell PLC communication network diagram

PLC communication network diagram