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Foreword: China is a country with large coal mines. A large number of coal mine resources are hidden under the ground, and underground operations are unavoidable. Therefore, how to ensure safe production and smooth coal mining has become the research focus of many coal mine safety workers. Facts have shown that the annual coal spontaneous combustion event is a major disaster in coal mines, which not only easily causes the loss of tens of millions of equipment, but also may cause casualties. Goaf is a key area prone to spontaneous coal combustion, and early monitoring is very important. Thermometry is the most commonly used and most direct spontaneous combustion monitoring technology today. One of IKON Drive H32DT modules can measure the temperature in 32 areas, and has its own disconnection alarm, which is widely used in the coal mine temperature measurement industry. According to the requirements of temperature monitoring in goaf, this paper uses IKON Drive host, H32DT module, and H01ZB module to design a gob temperature monitoring system that integrates ZigBee technology, programmable control technology , temperature sensor technology, and database technology .

Keywords: IKON Drive (IKON Drive) domestic PLC H32DT module H01ZB module coal mine temperature measurement

1.  Introduction of coal temperature measurement network


Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things

Network Diagram

Second, the main hardware of the system

2.1 IKON Drive PLC

IKON Drive PLC host comes with 2 communication ports, which can be expanded to 5 communication ports. Each communication port can be programmed and networked, and can be used as a master station or a slave station. Supports 1:N, N:1, N:N networking, supports various man-machine interfaces and configuration software, and can be networked with any third-party equipment with communication functions (such as inverters, meters, bar code readers, etc.).

2.2 H32DT module

The temperature measurement range of H32DT (32-channel temperature measurement module) is: -55°~125°, the digital chip determines the temperature, the highest measurement accuracy is 0.0625, the display accuracy is 0.1, and the collected temperature value has no error, and the cost is low. It can be used as an extension module of any PLC host, among which the H32DT module comes with an RS-485 communication port, and can also be used as a remote IO module; external 24VDC power supply. H32DT can be used in a wide range of temperature measurement, such as coal mines, tunnels and other industrial environments. Each channel can be connected to 16 sensors, and a single module can collect 32 temperature values.

2.3 H01ZB module and PC2ZB module

PC2ZB is an expansion module for wireless communication on the PC side. Through this module, the host computer such as IKON Drive Happy and the PLC host extended with H01ZB can perform online, read and write operations in a wireless manner. The use of the module is simple and convenient, there is no need to configure zigbee parameters, and the network can be easily set up by flipping the DIP switch that comes with the module. Based on the retransmission mechanism of the zigbee protocol itself , the module adds a response retransmission mechanism on the application layer , which further improves the stability of communication.

3.  Part of the program

Haiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of ThingsHaiwell Industrial Automation Industrial Internet of Things

4. System advantages

1. IKON Drive PLC has its own RS232 and RS485 communication ports. It uses the host computer to read the temperature data of the coal mine site, and has a timely understanding of the situation on the site. Once the temperature exceeds the warning value, it will take corrective measures in time to avoid unnecessary property damage and casualties.

2. The underground and ground wiring is difficult. Once the line aging and disconnection problems occur, it is difficult to troubleshoot. It takes a lot of time to deal with the line problems, and the site temperature is in a state that cannot be monitored for a long time. This system uses IKON Drive HO1ZB module and PC2ZB module to set up a wireless communication network. Under the condition that the on-site environment does not change, there will be no communication disconnection, and the line problem will be completely solved.

3. Using the H32DT module, one module can monitor the temperature of 32 areas, and the cost is low; the module itself has a disconnection alarm, and the communication is stable; the module uses the communication to read the data of DS18B20, and the digital chip determines the temperature, with high precision. The module itself also comes with an RS485 communication port. When the temperature measurement point is far away from the host, the module can be used as a remote module to reduce wiring and measure the temperature in many places in the coal mine.