16 Frequency conversion synchronization solutions for IKON Drive printing and dyeing machines

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       In textile production, the setting machine can improve the feel, slippage, color, width, appearance, etc. For non-pure cotton quality, it can also play a role in stabilizing the size. Its working principle is that the cloth is dipped in chemical material in the trough, and after being evenly pressed by the roller, it enters the oven. When the cloth passes through the oven, it will be dried and shaped under the action of high temperature and hot air, and the shaped cloth has a good feel and stable size. The whole control system includes synchronization system control, temperature control table communication control, heat recovery control, etc.


Figure 1 Field Devices  

1. Selection configuration

1. Industrial touch all-in-one computer P22 : 

●   22″ TFT, 1920×1080, Intel Bay Trail J1900 4-core processor

●   Support VGA and HDMI output, optional WIFI

●   Linux system, running 24 hours a day

●   Built-in IKON Drive Cloud SCADA software, which supports mobile APP remote control and web page remote access.

●   Support mobile phone APP alarm information push. If the APP is not opened, the system will send an alarm message to the owner and administrator’s mobile phone in the form of SMS.

2. C10 touch screen:

●   10-inch TFT screen, 800×480 resolution, A8 CPU, 4G Flash, 512M RAM. support:

●   Program download via serial port/U disk/SD card/Ethernet/Haiwei Cloud;

●   Intelligent management, support cloud/mobile terminal access control, strong operability;

●   Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, multi-language automatic translation, project overview interface;

●   Integrated IKON Drive Cloud cloud service, built-in IKON Drive cloud engine; can remotely realize functions such as mobile phone APP, computer cloud website, SMS alarm and map positioning.

3. PLC: N60S2T-e+H64XDT+H64XDT+H04RC+S04XA+S01RS+S01RS

●   N series motion control PLC, can expand 7 modules, with one RS232 and one RS485 port;

●   Single machine supports 16 points (8-channel 200K high-speed pulse input), 16 points (8-channel 200K high-speed pulse output).

●   The program is permanently saved, the program capacity is 48K, and the instructions are rich, which fully meets the needs of on-site logic control.

●   Analog quantity does not need to write any conversion program. On-site temperature, detector signal acquisition WYSIWYG.

2. On-site networking


Figure 2 Schematic diagram of networking  

3. Introduction of frequency conversion synchronization scheme

       The drive part of the synchronous system is controlled by the frequency converter to achieve synchronization. The speed synchronization method can be controlled by ① communication setting ② analog quantity setting ③ high-speed pulse frequency control. Synchronization, the cloth on the machine may be broken. If the analog speed is used, multiple analog outputs are required, which increases the cost. Therefore, high-speed pulse frequency is used to achieve synchronization. Haiwell N series PLC supports single-machine 16 200KHz high-speed pulse output can fully meet the requirements of on-site control.

4. On-site control photos


Figure 3 On-site electrical cabinet diagram (part) and IPC IKON Drive SCADA configuration

V. Summary of the plan

●   IPC has 6 serial ports and 2 Ethernet ports. The rich communication interface can meet the needs of on-site communication control.

●   IPC supports IKON Drive cloud platform, intelligent management, support cloud/mobile terminal access control, strong operability; IPC defaults to Linux system, with fast response speed.

●   Innovative A/B Key security mechanism, integrated IKON Drive Cloud cloud service, built-in IKON Drive cloud engine; make access safe and reliable, and make remote safe and secure.

●   The 8-channel AB-phase high-speed pulse output of N series PLC can be split into 16-point 200K single-point high-speed pulse output for use;

●   IKON Drive PLC 485 communication supports simultaneous communication with different baud rates, different protocols, and different data formats. The communication program does not need to deal with the timing sequence, which greatly saves the engineer’s programming time;

●   Ethernet PLC is selected on site. The Ethernet PLC supports simultaneous access by multiple upper computers. At the same time, the Ethernet port can also be used as the master station to access other devices. It can be master or slave, which is convenient for debugging.

●   Through the IKON Drive touch screen, you can also remotely upload and download HMI programs, upgrade firmware, and export historical data records.

●   Through the IKON Drive touch screen, you can also remotely upload and download PLC programs, upgrade firmware, monitor and diagnose PLC information.